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This song of revenge is found in the English, Irish, Scottish and Appalachian-
American traditions. Also called Bold William Taylor, it has appeared in a variety of forms, including the music-hall parody Billy Taylor that was printed in sheet form by Laurie and Whittle in London, circa 1811. Mick got
this version from the singing of Bob Soper of Portland, Oregon.


Willie Taylor , he was a sailor, he was courtin' a fair lady,
Instead of Willy gettin' married, he was forced unto the sea.
But his bride soon followed after, under the name of Richard Carr,
Snow-white fingers, long and slender, covered ower wi' pitch and tar.

Chorus (after each verse):
Fal-da-ral-de-rum-dum-day (repeat after each verse)

She's dressed herself in sailor's clothing, oh but she was a bonnie young man,
Away she sailed upon the ocean, all aboard the Mary Anne.
A storm blew up upon the water, she bein' there amang the rest,
The wind blew off her silver buttons and there appeared her snow-white breast.

"Well," said the Captain, "My dear lady, what misfortune brought you here?"
"I'm in search of my true lover whom you have pressed the other year"
"Well," said the captain, "My dear lady, tell to me the young man's name"
"Some folk call him Willie Taylor, but Jack Fitzgerald is his name”

“If Willie Taylor’s your true lover, then he to you has proved to you untrue
He's got married tae another and left you here alone to rue
Rise ye early in the mornin', early at the break of day
And there you'll spy young Willy Taylor, walkin' oot wi' his lady gay”

She rose early up next mornin', early at the break of day,
And there she spied young Willy Taylor walkin' oot wi' his lady gay.
Gun and pistol she commanded, gun and pistol at her side,
And there she shot young Willy Taylor walkin' oot wi' his new-made bride

When the Captain he beheld her, and the deed that she has done,
He made her a Chief Commander, with a ship and a hundred men.